Youghal Eco-Boardwalk
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Youghal Eco Boardwalk

I’m forever stumbling across hidden treasures in Ireland. Every town I visit seems to have something beautiful, interesting, quirky or magnificent to offer its visitors. Case in point: let’s take a look at Youghal Eco Boardwalk in Cork, which we had the pleasure of stumbling across recently.

Youghal Eco-Boardwalk

The Eco-Boardwalk runs along the back of the beach, offering unspoilt views of the coast. Jon and I were pleasantly surprised by what we’d come across. We couldn’t quite believe the views on offer. It was also very quiet when we visited so we were able to sit for a time and really embrace our location which was perfect.

Youghal Eco-Boardwalk
The Eco-Boardwalk

400m of panelled walk-way allow all visitors, including those in wheelchairs or parents with prams to access the beach and take in all its glory without experiencing the difficulty of manouvering over sand.

Whilst the beach is soft and sandy, there are steps heading down to the waterfront so the boardwalk offers a great opportunity for everyone to be able to enjoy the views in comfort.

Youghal Eco-Boardwalk

The boardwalk runs from Front Strand Beach to Claycastle Beach. It’s a fabulous place to take a walk, sit on one of the many benches and relax in whatever way you see fit and was SO peaceful to visit.

Youghal Eco-Boardwalk

If you’re ever in the area, Youghal Eco-Boardwalk is a brilliant place to take a pew, inhale deeply and enjoy the stunning landscapes that the Cork Coast has to offer. Take a book, a picnic or even just head down for a run. You wont be disappointed by what you discover.

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