About Mée

A Few Things About Mée

Favourite Colour?


Spirit Animal?

Sea Turtle

Favourite Film?

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

What do I write about?

I can’t categorise it – everything. If I visit somewhere interesting; be it a fabulous restaurant or a historical place of significance, I’ll write about it. If I discover a fantastic recipe or a great D.I.Y. technique, I’ll write about it. If I find a product/ page-turner/ film/ tv show worth reviewing or a holiday destination worth a return visit, I’ll write about it! I enjoy writing children’s books and cartooning them too – when I have the time!

Have I blogged previously?

I have – most recently I ran a blog called The Daily Aimée but I felt it had run its course. I’m grateful for the time I spent working on it, however, as I had the opportunity to collaborate with some great companies and try/ review some brilliant products through my work on it. It also enabled me to work with some local companies on setting up their social media presence – practice makes perfect in this game.

As I’ve grown, I felt my blog needed to reflect the changes, and Aimée in Ireland is an exciting and challenging new project I’m hoping to really sink my teeth in to.

Am I Irish?

I’m a British-Irish Dual-National – basically I hold passports and citizenship in both countries. I was born to an English mother and Irish father in England, and moved to Ireland last year. In England I was born in Barnstaple, Devon, and grew up from the age of one in Surrey. I now reside by the beach in Tramore, Co. Waterford.

Dream Job?

I would LOVE to work in a museum or archive. I’ve recently graduated from The Open University with a BA Hons in History (The British Empire and the Period from Enlightenment to Romanticism) and English (Creative Writing and Children’s Literature) – the idea of working with artefacts and books is MOST appealing and I’m desperate to utilise my learning.  

Peace & Love

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