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Tramore Guillamene – Newtown Cove

At the very top of my little town, slightly off the beaten track, lies Tramore Guillamene at Newtown Cove in Waterford. This is something I implore you to see if you are ever in the area. I thought we had some lovely views when living in Surrey in the U.K. but they just don’t compare when you see the landscape on offer here in Ireland.

Tramore Guillamene

As you pull into the car park, you are met with unrivalled views of the Atlantic Coast.

Tramore Guillamene

Clear, deep waters surround the sheltered coves which make it a perfect place for swimming and two platforms with ladders allow for easy descent into the waters. On a summer’s day you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a mediterannean country and not on the coast of south-east Ireland, the scenery is that stunning, the water is that clear!

Tramore Guillamene

More often than not, if you head down on a summer’s or even winter’s day (the Irish are hardy!), you will see daredevils jumping from the platforms into the water. I wish I’d had access to this as a child for sure! It’s no surprise families will spend entire days here as it’s a lot of fun for the children. But, obviously, take care and be safe if you do venture down.

Tramore Guillamene by Day or by Night

Tramore Guillamene has been awarded the Green Coast Award 2019 – and it’s not surprising given the natural beauty of the area. By day you are blessed with the views of the water but by night, it makes for the perfect location to star gaze, as the views above are vast and there is little light pollution in the immediate area as it isn’t as populated as the rest of the town.

Guillamene History

The Guillamene has been home to a swimming club for 70+ years. Whilst Tramore Guillamene is open to all, historic signage remains in place today as a relic of times gone by, stating ‘Men Only’ can access the waters, but this changed at some point during the 1980s.

Men Only Swimming Sign

The Guillamene has some ameneties such as picnic benches, a large car park and toilets if you fancy spending the day swimming and relaxing with friends and family. But even if you’re just passing through and fancy taking a look at some unspoilt views of the coast this is a great spot to stop at.

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